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  • “Our Milspouse team are truly dedicated people. They are driven, know how to work in an ever-changing environment, and this makes them tenacious to solve problems. Our firm has people who don’t wait to be told what to do, but go after solving their own problems and completing their work timely. This describes Milspouse team members. Also, they are an untapped workforce, and we love that we have found them. Since our firm is virtual, we don’t care where people live in the US, or where they are moving to. We just need smart, solid go-getters to do their work well. And that is the VirtForce community!”

    Jason Blumer

    CEO Blumer CPA’s
  • “Aira values military spouses, most importantly, for their loyalty, resilience, and reliability. VirtForce’s Military Spouses and Veterans are a growing portion of Aira’s agent population and are integral to our success. Military spouses know what it’s like to face adversity, but more importantly, how to overcome it. They build upon their skills with every move such as using Google Maps to familiarize yourself with a new city, coordinating the timing of furniture delivery, making new friends, and finding a new doctor. It is the attention to detail, coupled with problem-solving skills, that sets military spouses apart from the rest and are great characteristics to have as an Aira Agent.”

    Kyle Kozlowski

    Agent Hiring Manager, Aira
  • “In our MilSpouse employees, we value diverse industry expertise and specializations, commitment to quality work, high flexibility and adaptability, and dedication to our projects. We are committed to hiring MilSpouses for document review and other legal work because we recognize the challenges faced by military families, and know we can solve them by creating secure, in-home work opportunities through our Military Spouse Managed Review program.”

    Caragh Landry

    TCDI President, Litigation Services
  • “We also believe that Military Spouses are the unsung heroes of our country. They ensure that their service member has a home to return to after deployment. They develop roots in their communities. They have to show creativity, adaptability, and responsibility far beyond what is asked of most people in our society. Their herculean efforts are by-and-large ignored by our society. We understand that and celebrate their unsung heroism every day at US Vet Life.”

    Scott Tucker

    CEO, US Vet Life

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Employers and Recruiters rely on VirtForce to connect with a top tier talent pool of flexible and dedicated workers around the globe.

Over 100+ Military Spouse Placed in verified remote careers and $500,000 in economic impact for Active Duty Military Families.

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Virtual Careers make sense for Military Spouses. This demographic is an untapped source of dedicated, adaptable, and educated talent for distributed employers. 

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