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The Leader in Military Spouse Talent

Unlock extraordinary potential with VirtForce, the leading Military Spouse hiring partner.

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Our Global Impact

Since 2018 VirtForce has been committed to delivering career pathways that drive quantifiable economic growth for military spouses.


Military Spouse Placements

$75 Million

Annual Economic Impact

Kimber Hill

VirtForce Founder

Active Duty Military Spouse

Hire Better, Faster With VirtForce

VirtForce offers Talent Marketing, Direct Hire, & Staffing Services from our thriving private talent community of 200K military spouses.


Share Your Hiring Objective

We’ll streamline the right service or build a custom solution for your needs.


Meet Your Perfect Recruit

Tap into our private talent network and meet your candidate matches in as little as 24 hours.


Deploy Your New Staff

Achieve your goals with confidence with our automatic backfill guarantee.

Military Spouses Get it Done

Military spouses take care of business. My company values the unique qualities military spouses bring to the workforce - increased loyalty, agility, and problem-solving capabilities. We align with employers who offer location-flexible careers to create a diverse and dynamic workforce that prioritize military spouses like me.

Kimber Hill

Founder | CEO

Accelerate Your Remote Team

From gig-based, remote, part-time, to full-time, we have the talent to meet your needs.

Human Resources & Recruiting

In our private community you will find seasoned recruiters to HR generalists and onboarding specialists, our talent pool includes SHRM-certified professionals adept at every stage of the employee life-cycle.

Administrative Support

From meticulous executive assistants to organized office managers, our administrative talent ensures seamless coordination and support to keep your operations running smoothly.

Finance & Accounting

Our private talent community possesses bookkeepers and accounting experts, including CPAs and financial analysts to optimize your financial operations.

Customer Experience

VirtForce provides empathetic problem solvers and experienced service representatives committed to delivering exceptional experiences. And our retention rates are 2X higher than the national average.


Marketers vary from web designers to social content creators to data-driven strategists, our marketing professionals drive impactful campaigns across various channels.


VirtForce’s roster of charismatic sales professionals and adept negotiators, we offer a dynamic blend of talent poised to drive revenue growth and forge lasting client relationships.

Research & Development

Our R&D team comprises visionary innovators and research experts who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of possibility and bringing transformative ideas to fruition.

Operations & Project Management

In our talent network, you will find efficiency-driven managers and process improvement specialists dedicated to streamlining workflows and maximizing productivity.

Information Technology (IT)

IT specialists in our talent network encompass network administrators, UX/UI designer, engineers, and software developers and UX/UI specialists.

Why Hire With VirtForce

Remote & Location-Flexible Work

Remote work is crucial in today's economy. Military spouses bring dedication and adaptability to portable careers in such teams.

24/7 Employer Support

Our global talent pool ensures 24/7 high-quality support, allowing your business to thrive with continuous, outstanding service.

Good Social Impact

Military spouses enhance business, social impact, employment stability, family well-being, national security, and service member retention.

Untapped Talent

Military spouses offer dedication, adaptability, and unique insights, enhancing business excellence and diversity with their commitment.

Employer Testimonials

"Based on the candidates provided and my introductions, we ended up hiring three people instead of one. So it was a win for us because I found three great candidates."
Scott K. - Business Owner
"The candidates were so good I struggled to pick one. I was most impressed with the speed with which candidates were produced, screened, and provided to me. As the hiring manager, there was a lot of communication. I saw resumes and score sheets, and it was easy for me to see who was most qualified for the position."
Jordan C. - Operations VP
"VirtForce and Kimber was our first call when we got serious about hiring military spouses. Our partnership with VirtForce has been really beneficial. From the very first day, VirtForce has helped mentor and tutor us in learning about the community and how we could be successful. I would encourage any employer, if you’re thinking about hiring military spouses, go do it and talk to the folks at VirtForce. They are going to really help you be successful. We have now hired more than 200 military spouses from VirtForce."
Jim M. - Inclusive Employment Outreach Manager
"From the moment we met with Kimber, and she explained how the company works and how the process would work, it really solidified that VirtForce was the company we wanted to use. Not just because they’re military spouses, but because they have this organization that’s put together a lot of really sharp people to help us work together really well and to help those identified for our projects be successful."
Ashley V. - Talent Acquisition Director

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