82. Live Resume Critique

Show Notes | October 15, 2020 | Episode 82 When you send a company your resume, you want to look like you were molded and cutout specifically for …

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Series

Entrepreneurial Spirit Series

Working virtually doesn’t mean you have to work for an employer. Check out some of our favorite Virtual Entrepreneurs in the VirtForce Network in our …

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Is flexjobs worth the money

Is FlexJobs Worth the Money?

FlexJobs, is it worth the $$.$$? VirtForce wanted to know if FlexJobs was worth the monthly membership fee to get access to flexible remote work! …

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Packaging Yourself As A Milspouse

Packaging Yourself As A Milspouse

Julie Braun from Super Purposes joined us from Huntington Beach to answer a very important question for MilSpouses. In fact, this can be a sticking …

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How To Overcome Lack of Experience

How to Overcome Lack of Experience

When you are applying for a job that “requires” an advanced degree or many years of experience, just to apply, try thinking of the job …

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